Baikal State University





Students of the International Department of BSU celebrated the Pancake Day

Russian Tea, a traditional event of the International Department, which has become a good tradition, was held. In 2024 it was timed to the celebration of "Maslenitsa" or Pancake Day. Students from China, Togo, Congo and Chile had an opportunity to dive into the joyful atmosphere of farewell of Russian winter. First, they were told about how Pancake Day was celebrated in Russia and later they watched a themed movie. Russian teachers organized a culinary master class where they explained how to make pancake batter according to a traditional Russian recipe.

Afterwards, the students went to a cafe where they enjoyed sweet treats such as pancakes, gingerbread, rusks and baranki. Each student could not only try pancakes, but also bake them. Students were awaited in the courtyard of the University for Pancake Games and entertainment: tug-of-war, relay race with frying pans, throwing a valenok for distance and accuracy, plaiting braids and traditional Russian game - "Rucheyok".

All participants and guests of the festival were happy, no one left hungry!