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Monday, June 10, 2024

BSU Media Center graduates became winners of the Student Ball

The annual BSU Student Ball brought victory in media nominations to graduate students Polina Savenko and Vladimir Izmestiev. The 4th year journalists will already receive diplomas of higher education this year. From the very beginning of the Media Center, they have been actively involved in the activities of the university's radio, television, newspaper and website.

Polina Savenko became the University's media leader, won in the “Video Report” nomination and received laureate status in the “Radio Report” direction. Vladimir Izmestiev also became a laureate in “Radio Report”, “Video Report” and won in the nominations “Media Project” and “Publication”. Such a large number of awards won by two students is well deserved. Throughout their studies, the future journalists have been actively developing the university's media. Vladimir Izmestiev hosts his radio program “In Dialogue Mode”, creates news stories and publishes interviews in the university newspaper. Polina Savenko works as an editor of the news program “Events of Pribaikalya”, regularly conducts radio broadcasts and shoots TV stories. In addition, she has managed to visit many cities at various competitions, which brought the Media Center recognition and victories.

For the BSU Media Center, this is the first graduation of students who have been working in the university media throughout their studies. Their merits are a source of pride for the university media center. According to the winners, studying at the Media Center was a good help for them.

"Media is such a sphere of activity, which, in my opinion, cannot be taught only in theory. Therefore, practical work in the media has given me a huge amount of knowledge. The Media Center gave me the opportunity to try my hand at journalism, attend a large number of interesting events and make important acquaintances. After graduating from the Media Center and the university, I hope that I will be able to become a demanded and professional specialist. I congratulate all my friends who also demonstrated great merits in media nominations, especially Karina Fokirova, an active student of the Media Center,” said Polina Savenko, the winner of the Student Ball 2024.