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Monday, May 20, 2024

BSU international students prepare for Pushkin's anniversary

Thematic gatherings “The Life and Work of A. S. Pushkin” and “A. S. Pushkin in China” for foreign students studying at the Department of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication were held at the Department of International Studies. The events were organized in the form of credit classes, poetry contests of reading A. S. Pushkin's poems.

Chinese students talked about the life and works of Alexander Pushkin, about the peculiarities of studying the works of the Great Russian poet in China, talked about what works of Alexander Pushkin are studied in Chinese schools and universities. The guys told about the traditions of artistic translation of Pushkin's works into Chinese, about unique masters of artistic translation and researchers of Russian literature in China. Special attention was paid to the translator and researcher of Russian literature Ge Baoquan, the founder and one of the brightest representatives of Chinese Pushkin studies.

Chinese students chose one of Pushkin's poems for their presentations at the meetings, prepared an expressive reading of this poem in Russian, and also presented artistic translations of Pushkin's poems in Chinese, made by Chinese researchers of Russian literature, recognized masters of artistic translation Ge Baoquan, Liang Xiang, Sun Yong, Zho Liangzheng, Shen Yingen, Feng Chun, Yu Zhen and others.

All of Pushkin's poems were performed in Russian and Chinese.

The students made videos and photos of their performances to tell their parents, friends, teachers of Russian as a foreign language in China about how they study A. S. Pushkin's language, Russian literature and culture in Russia, in Irkutsk, at Baikal State University.