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Monday, May 20, 2024

BSU awarded the participants of Olympiad “Russian language in the sphere of business communication”

The first Olympiad “Russian language in the sphere of business communication” was held at BSU. It was held in the online format among first-year students of Baikal State University who study the discipline “Russian language and business communication”.

The Olympiad was supervised by the Dean of the Department of International Studies Anna Litovkina and professors Svetlana Karamysheva and Ekaterina Nepomnyashchikh. It is planned to organize this event annually. More than eight hundred students of Baikal State University took part in the Olympiad. Within twenty minutes students solved thirty tasks. The tasks were open on the website for eight days, at any convenient time freshmen could go and make them.

The tasks were of various types: they included a test of knowledge of modern language norms and the ability to draw up paperwork. The specific content of some tasks had a historical bias, for example, “Which of the modern documents was an equal of the Chelobitna in Russia?”

According to Ekaterina Nepomnyashchikh, Associate Professor of the Department of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication, such events stimulate students to study Russian thoroughly. Business Russian is more in demand than ever in the industrial business sphere. The Olympiad is held at the end of the academic semester, when all the topics have already been studied. It is interesting for students to check their level of knowledge and compare it with other freshmen".

The winners of the Olympiad were the following students:

1st place - Ekaterina Namsaraeva

2nd place - Aldar Khalzanov and the third place was shared by Lyudmila Shevchenko, Arina Gudkova, and Dobrynya Kozlov

“I found the tasks where I had to choose the correct ending of a word the easiest, and I had to think over the tasks on matching. It was very interesting, I would participate again, because the Russian language is important not only at work, but also in everyday life,” says a Law student Aldar Khalzanov, one of the winners of the Olympiad.