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05 March 2024

BSU representatives at the World Youth Festival

The representatives of BSU Chita Institute at the World Youth Festival in Sochi: Mikhail Koshelev, Deputy Dean of the Law Faculty, and Tigran Gulanyan, a student of BSU ChI College, went to the festival as part of the Zabaikalsky Krai delegation, and Yegor Chuprov, a second-year student of BSU ChI Law Faculty, went as a volunteer.

"There are 34 people and ten volunteers in the Zabaikalsky Krai delegation who work with delegations from Russia and countries around the world. There are very interesting and active people in the Zabaikalye delegation - successful businessmen, teachers, students, journalists. There is a representative of street culture - Olga Chebykina, a graduate of BSU. Everyone has different tracks, we can't meet very often, but we are always in touch," says Mikhail Koshelev.

"The program is very rich: education, concerts, meetings with famous politicians, artists, scientists. Foreign delegations perceive folk culture very emotionally, every concert is a full house. The grand finale of the "Battle of the Choirs" was very well received. Considerable attention is paid to the work of the "Znanie" Society sites. A lot of interesting events are held at the same time, you want to visit everywhere, but it is almost impossible", - share the participants of the festival.

Representatives of different countries came to the festival. Delegations from more than 180 countries are present, including the United States.

"For foreigners it is really a different Russia, they just break all the templates about the country. Very friendly atmosphere and friendly relations between delegations. At the opening ceremony the values of family, friendship, peace were broadcasted and this is probably the main mission of the Festival - to make peace prevail", - the head of the delegation shares his impressions.

Student Tigran Gulanyan is working under the diplomatic education program "Young Diplomats", within the framework of which a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev is planned.

Anastasia Gumennikova, a student of the BSU Institute of Management and Finance, is also now at the Youth Festival, which is taking place these days in the Sirius Federal Territory of Sochi. Anastasia has already visited many sites. She took part in the procession of the youth of the world, visited Ilya Averbukh's ice show in the winter sports palace "Aisberg", where figure skating champions performed and attended a meeting with the director of the movie "Ice", who told a fascinating story about how the movie "Ice-3" was filmed on Lake Baikal.

BSU student managed to communicate with the famous figure skater, two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva and ask her how she copes with excitement before the performance. The figure skater answered that earlier she used to use various rituals, but now she doesn't pay attention to these things. However, the most vivid impression is left by the daily morning and evening shows, in which famous Russian pop singers take part. It is quite massive and entertaining.

"Yesterday I met some guys from Greece who, as it turns out, are in love with Russian culture. One of them has a Russian mother and a Russian, as he says, soul. He told me that he likes to drink tea at night, despite the fact that in Greece they drink it only when they have a cold. Also Greek guys told us about the educational system in Greece. Students there don't get internships, and learning is focused on participating in various activities. When I said that I was from Irkutsk and told about Baikal, everyone's eyes sparked immediately, including Russian students. Many of them, especially representatives of hot countries, just dream of visiting this place and lying in the snow," says BSU student Anastasia Gumennikova.