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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Gastronomic festival was held by the International Department of BSU

The Department of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication of Baikal State University held a gastronomic marathon dedicated to the celebration of International Women's Day. International students of the International Department were invited to participate. Anyone could prepare one dish corresponding to one of the nominations of the marathon. In each nomination only one winner had to be chosen by audience voting.

The participants approached the event very responsibly, prepared all the dishes in advance and independently. The following students became the winners of the nominations: The most beautiful dish - Zhang Xiang (dish: "Spicy Chicken"); The most beneficial dish - Liu Yuqi (dish: Milk Dessert " Snezhok"); The largest dish - Wang Xu (dish: "Angeline's Pose"); The most delicious dish -Qi Rui (dish: "Potatoes with pork"); The sweetest dish - Valeria Vorozhtsova (dish: "Pancake Love Story"); National style (Russian, Chinese) - Wiang Xiangwen (Dish: Cold appetizer "Seaweed"); The prize of teaching sympathy was awarded to Sarvinoz Sultonova for (dish: "Pilaf"). The awarding will take place on March 12 at the meeting of International Department Starostat. The participants will receive T-shirts and notebooks as a gift.

A large number of national authentic dishes were presented. Visitors to the degustation enjoyed their variety. "Like in a restaurant," they commented.

The gastronomic marathon was held for the first time, but the department plans to turn this event into an annual tradition.