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09 February 2024

BSU students celebrated Chinese New Year

A quest dedicated to the celebration of the New Year according to the Eastern calendar was held at the Khudozhestvenny Center. The New Year according to the Eastern calendar is celebrated for fifteen days. In 2024 it is celebrated from February 10 to 24. It is often unofficially called "Lunar New Year". New Year is celebrated as a public holiday in Southeast Asian countries.

All groups of all years of study of the International Department of BSU took part in the event.

Dean of the International Department of BSU Anna Litovkina told the people an interesting story about the celebration and traditions of the New Year according to the Eastern calendar. Elena Tikhonova, Head of the International Activity Department of Baikal State University, congratulated the international students of Baikal State University on the New Year and the Day of Russian Science.

Students prepared a quest, which included three stages: the first - to memorize words, the second - sports, the third - was an interactive, which took place in the auditorium " Khudozhestvenny ". The students formed fourteen teams, which were divided into groups and two streams: when the first teams passed the stations on route sheets, the second teams performed on stage with pure improvisation, demonstrating the coherence within the team. During such performances on stage the students were joined by teachers and hosts of the holiday, it filled the hall with a special atmosphere.

The winners in the nomination "The Best Group" were fourth-year Bachelor's degree students studying Russian as a foreign language. They showed the cohesion of the team. Students and teachers had fun. The participants of the event received unforgettable impressions and emotions.

In 2024 Chinese New Year promises good luck and success in overcoming difficulties. Everyone who strives for a goal will surely achieve it; the main thing is not to miss opportunities.