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29 January 2024

"Turn to the East" was discussed by BSU international students

The round table "Turn to the East: One Year Later" was held in the Scientific Library of the V.G. Rasputin State University. The event was attended by students of Baikal State University Daria Kharitonova and Arina Zhambalova, who presented their reports analyzing the research activities of the Valdai Club and scenarios of Baikal Siberia development made during the Baikal Economic Forum. The reports of Baikal State University representatives were highly appreciated by experts from the Institute of Geography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Following the presentations, a free discussion was held, where the audience expressed their opinions on Russian foreign policy in the Far East and South Asia.

According to Ilya Oleinikov, associate professor of the BSU Department of International Relations and Customs, the round table decided to maintain a dialog on the specifics of the Russian "turn to the East". At the end of 2022, a similar event has already been held at the initiative of students of the Institute of International Relations and BSU, and now there was a kind of "synchronization of hours".

New students are involved in the discussion of the problems, relevant issues are being developed, which will be tested in Baikal State University on the platform of the All-Russian Student Conference "Siberia in the Space of International Relations" in April 2024.