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25 October 2022

International processes and the Russian Federation

Irina Tsvigun, Doctor of Economics, the director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations began her speech at the competition of scientific works with the words: “Science is beautiful and requires particular attention of special individuals”. Students of different courses, faculties and universities were gathered to present their research results united by a common theme: International processes and the Russian Federation: the Eastern Vector (view from Irkutsk). The event was held as a part of All-Russian Baikal Youth Forum, Science 0+.

Alice Reznik, student of BRICS Institute, was a guest at the event in Baikal State University and presented the results of a collective research of Russian and Chinese students on social responsibility of small and medium-sized businesses. BSU students of “World Economy” (МЭК), “Economic Security” and “Customs” also presented the results of their researches at a high theoretical and practical level.

Professor Irina Tsvigun said: “Each report was unique and original. Some students drew conclusions on the basis of conducted sociological surveys, some of them analyzed statistics, others studied the work of scientists and made an attempt to define their own scientific categories. All students made an attempt to have their say in science.”

The performance assessment system was as democratic as possible. Each student and each teacher, who were present at the audience, had the opportunity to score in several categories. As a result, two students took first places, two students took second places and two students took third places.

The first place was taken by Roman Doorov (group ЭБ-20-1) and Anastasia Trufanova (group МЭК-19-2). Ksenia Beloborodova (group ЭБ-21-1) and Alice Reznik (group ИЭБ-19-1, BRICS Institute) took the second place. The third place was taken by Bian Yufei (group МДБб-19-1 BRICS Institute) and the teamwork of three students – Sofia Karukovets, Yulia Motoshkina and Shakhana Mustafaeva (group ЭБ-20-2).