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24 October 2022

BSU will develop cooperation with three more universities in Mongolia

During the visit to Ulaanbaatar, Vice-Rector for International Relations of BSU Mikhail Kuz’min held several working meetings with the rectors of three Mongolian universities – University of Finance and Economics, Etugen University and Ulaanbaatar-Erdem University.

Promising areas of cooperation in educational, scientific, cultural activities were discussed with the administration and representatives of each university.

"Since each of the presented universities has a set of identical fields of study are similar to BSU, this opens up great opportunities in the implementation of projects of high importance for our universities, cities and countries," Mikhail Kuz’min said.

Among the main areas of cooperation with University of Finance and Economics, the implementation of new double-degree programs in English and Russian in the areas of "Management", "Accounting" and "Tourism", as well as joint career guidance and educational activities in sponsored schools in Ulaanbaatar was highlighted.

The management of Etugen University and Ulaanbaatar-Erdem University expressed a high interest in the implementation of bilateral academic mobility programs between our universities, sending graduates to the English-speaking and Russian-speaking master's degree programs of BSU, as well as exchanges of Russian-speaking and English-speaking university teachers. Furthermore, representatives of all universities stressed the extremely high interest in the implementation of joint scientific and publishing projects, as well as in undertaking research internships.