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08 July 2022

Awarding diplomas to graduates of the Department of Sociology and Psychology

In an upscale ambience, graduates of the Department of Sociology and Psychology received their diplomas of higher education; diplomas were awarded to bachelors and masters in the specialty of "Social work", masters in the specialty of "Psychology" and specialists in the specialty of "Psychology of official activity". This year, the topics of the final research papers were quite diverse and, as always, relevant. Many materials were prepared on the orders of institutions and organizations, so the results obtained were the most appreciated. The department is proud that this academic year 37% of graduates received diplomas with honors. It is gratifying that the rector of Baikal State University, Professor Viktor Ignatenko, personally presented them.

Among the graduates, it is worth highlighting representatives of other states who adequately withstood the final research paper defense procedure. This is a student from Zambia (South Africa) Seyuba Esanju, who defended his master's thesis in psychology on the topic "The image of Russia in Zambia", and the wonderful Nguyen Thi Huen, a representative of the state of Vietnam, who received a diploma with honors in the specialty of "Social Work" (bachelor's degree).

Neither language barriers nor learning difficulties prevented our graduates. We have always tried to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone, tried to help, because it was so difficult for them away from home and from relatives. The doors of our department are always open not only for every student, but also for all our graduates, we continue further productive cooperation," said Ekaterina Zimina, Head of the Department of Sociology and Psychology.

Today, graduates have heard the warmest words– congratulations and parting words from the teachers of the department and the directorate of the Institute, and a specially edited video about amazing university years to remember.