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24 June 2022

The study of the history and economy of Mongolia continues at the Baikal University

The Baikal State University has a deep tradition of training specialists for neighboring Mongolia and scientific research in the field of Mongolian studies. On June 22, the presentation of the book of the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of World Economy and Economic Security Jargal Tagarov "Mongolia and the History of the World Economy" took place at the Center for the Study of Mongolia of BSU. Jargal Tagarov (1952-2020) is a talented scientist and teacher, he devoted his life to the study of the world economy, and the countries of the East and the trade of Kyakhta, his entire career took place within the walls of our university.

The monograph was published as part of the RFBR scientific project "World and Russian Mongolian Studies: National Schools, concepts and personalities". In addition, the team of authors of the project published a unique work "Russian researchers of Mongolia: a bio-bibliographic reference book".

You can find these works in the Scientific Library of the Baikal University.