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20 June 2022

The final research paper defense continues at BSU

At the Baikal University was held the final research paper defense of masters. Future managers of the International Management direction presented their papers for evaluation by the qualification commission, which included heads of large commercial companies with experience in interacting with foreign partners. The importance of this program is that the training takes place in English. Students of this direction can simultaneously receive both professional qualifications and raise the level of foreign language proficiency.

"Two years have passed very quickly. The last six months, which were devoted to the preparation of the final research paper, flew by even faster, and today we see a splendid result," said Daria Khlebovich, Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Service of BSU.

Irina Kordina's researched on the topic "Participation in the specialized marketplace market" got an "Excellent" mark. The student became a bachelor in St. Petersburg, and then moved to Irkutsk, where she worked in a furniture company. The main purpose of her admission to the master's program at Baikal University was to get new useful acquaintances in the field of business. After completing her master's degree, Irina plans to become a postgraduate student and engage in scientific activity.

"I chose the topic based on the experience I gained working in a furniture company. I became interested in the possibility of a company with a complex furniture product going online," says Irina Kordina.

Ilya Kruchinin choose the strategies of small international business companies. He completed his bachelor's degree at Baikal University, receiving a diploma in international economics. Ilya tried his hand at learning Korean, English and Chinese and even got an internship in China for six months. After a successful experience with the first education, he decided to enroll in a master's degree. Ilya is going to do science and wants to be able to teach; in the future, he wants to graduate studies and doctoral studies.

Students showed an excellent level of knowledge. They have mastered a foreign language professionally and plan to prepare materials for the defense of candidate thesis in the future.