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20 March 2022

Foreign students of BSU visited the Clock Museum

Foreign students of the International Faculty of BSU visited the clock museum in Angarsk. The trip was organized for a unique and one of the largest groups of our faculty. Students from Morocco, Ecuador, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, China, and Afghanistan study in the PFRki-21-1 (Russian as a foreign language) group. Students from Morocco, Ecuador, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, China, and Afghanistan study in the 2021 group of the «Russian as a foreign language» program.

The collection of the Clock Museum is very diverse and exciting, today it has about 3,000 exhibits, some of which our students could see in the spacious and bright halls of the museum.

The collection includes models of solar and water clocks, hourglasses; tower clocks of the main squares of Prague, Vienna, Bern, Moscow; pocket watch, table clocks, fireplace clocks, large floor clocks, which in England are respectfully called grandfather clocks; interior clocks that decorated the houses of France in the XVIII century; steam locomotive clocks demonstrating the technical progress of the XIX centuries; clocks made of bronze and porcelain, plastic and wood; rare, expensive clocks made by a master in several copies, and clocks produced in factories; clocks that served people on earth, in water and even in space. Many of the clocks are in working condition.

Therefore, students were able not only to see, but also to hear how it work. To hear the quiet, measured course of its arrows, the battle, its melody and the voices of cuckoos.

After the tour the workers of museum invited the students to come in the hall, where are dolls from the whole world. It was a surprising and very pleasant gift for all of them: in a distant Siberian town, they saw figures of people wearing national costumes of their states, multi-colored, variegated figures that reminded them of their homeland.

The Clock Museum is an attraction not only of the Angarsk, but also of Russia in the whole. The collection of Pavel Vasilyevich Kurdyukov (1908-1985), became the groundwork for the creation of the first Watch Museum in Russia. The exposition presents clock of the XVIII-XX centuries of Western Europe, Russia, Japan in cases made of bronze, marble, porcelain and wood. The collection has unique exhibits - clocks of France, England of the XVII-XIX centuries, a Russian curiosity of the Bronnikov masters (pocket wooden watches).