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02 September 2021

Potential cooperation with Landshut University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

In order to strengthen the friendly relations between Russia and Germany, as well as making connections between BSU and German universities, Baikal State University held a meeting with Artem Ivanov, a professor of Landshut University of Applied Sciences, whose concentration is industrial construction.

E.V. Tikhonova, head of International relations department, E.V. Zimina, head of department of Social studies and Psychology, and D.I. Khlebovich, head of department of Management, Marketing and Service, represented the interests of BSU during the meeting.

E.V. Zimina and D.I. Khlebovich presented to the guest the features of the programs in "Social Work" and "Business Administration", the employment prospects of specialists in these fields and salaries for graduates in the Irkutsk region.

At the meeting, A. Ivanov held the detailed presentation of the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut, in the framework of which the staff of BSU got acquainted with the history of the university, its structure, the main fields of study, as well as the areas and directions of international cooperation.

As explained by A. Ivanov, his colleagues, potential partners on the German side, are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of Social Work and Business Administration. Representatives of Social Work from the German side are primarily interested in organizing cooperation in joint research in the field of Sociology. Specialists of Business Administration are interested not only in conducting of joint research, but also in organization of short-term academic exchanges of students and professors from the both universities.

In addition, A. Ivanov stated the German side interest in joint organization of summer and fall language schools.

In conclusion, the parties agreed to prepare within a month the lists of research topics for futher cooperation, as well as proposals for the organization of short-term academic exchanges.