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02 June 2021

Russian-Mongolian scientific conference at BSU

The international scientific conference "Mongolia of the 20th century and Russian-Mongolian relations: History and Economics" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of establishment of Russian-Mongolian diplomatic relations was held at Baikal State University last Friday.

The conference was attended by representatives of more than 30 Russian and Mongolian academic organizations including leading scientists in the field of Mongolian Studies, International Relations, Global Economics, as well as History and Sociology.

Vice-rector for international relations of BSU Mikhail Kuz'min greeted the participants of the conference on behalf of Victor Ignatenko, Rector of Baikal State University, and on his own behalf, and congratulated them on this remarkable date. He noted that Baikal State University is a pioneer in the field of training of top-ranked specialists for Mongolia. About 1000 top-ranked specialists including conspicuous statesmen and politicians were trained in its walls, such as General Secretary of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party - Yumjaagin Tsedenbal, and the current Chairman of State Great Khural in Mongolia - Gombojavyn Zandanshatar. It is particularly noteworthy that in different years 10 graduates of BSU worked as Finance Ministers of Mongolia, and 5 graduates - as Directors of the Central Bank of Mongolia.

At the moment there is the Center for Mongolian Studies at BSU, which carries out research, training and consultancy for Mongolian representatives. Nowadays more than thirty Mongolian students study at BSU in such fields as Economics, Law, Customs Affairs, Banking and Finance, International Relations and others. As Mikhail Kuz'min noted, in addition to their successful studies Mongolian students are very active in participation in public life of the university, there is virtually no cultural or sporting event without them.

The international project on the topic "World and Russian Mongolian Studies: ethnic schools, concepts, personalia" is currently being implemented at BSU. According to Mikhail Kuz'min , implementation of such projects involving university's scientists is the recognition of international scientific authority of Baikal State University in the field of Mongolian Studies, and it allows Irkutsk to secure the role of one of the centers of world Mongolian Studies.

Bilateral relations are also being smoothly and efficiently developed in the field of education. Mongolian students study at almost all universities in the region, and graduates of BSU, the economists, occupy the leading positions in the Mongolian Government, the Khural and various industrial enterprises. Elena Apanovich, Deputy Minister of Education of the Irkutsk region, who was present at the conference, noticed that it is being developed the cooperation with the Mongolian side in the area of secondary vocational education as well. Mongolian students have already taken part in the WorldSkills Russia Championship and have been guests of the Baikal Children's Forum for several years.

Mongolia is the only country that celebrated the 275th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the state level. It was reported by Igor Bychkov, Director of the Irkutsk branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientists from the region are conducting joint projects to study Lake Khubsugul and the mobility of the earth's crust in this region.

Jamsran Bayasakh, Ph.D., professor at the School of Diplomatic Service at National University of Mongolia, hopes that Mongolia will also become a participant in Russian-Chinese economic relations, as the country is geographically situated at the crossroads of trade routes.

Within the framework of the conference, it was held a book exhibition, which was presented by scientific library of Baikal State University. Such expositions like "Mongolia: far and close", "Mutually beneficial cooperation", "with Siberian diploma in life" and "The historical battle at Khalkhin-Gol" reflect all the milestones of cooperation for the long history of the two countries.