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27 April 2021

The Consul General of the Republic of Korea visited Baikal State University

The Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Irkutsk, KIM SE WOONG, visited Baikal State University on 21 April. Rector of the university, Victor V. Ignatenko, gave a tour for the guest around the university.

Vice-Rector for International Relations, Mikhail P. Kuz'min, and Vice-Rector for Development, Anna P. Kireenko, told about the main areas of international activity of BSU and prospects for cooperation with South Korean academic organizations.

The Consul General was shown the university's educational buildings, canteen, reading room and research library. A special exhibit was prepared for the guest's visit featuring Korean language publications and Russian books about the Republic of Korea. The exhibition includes Korean language edition of the Ministry of Finance's "Description of Korea" published in 1900, which is among the rarer ones.

The guest promised to assist with obtaining of various educational editions, dictionaries and fiction in Korean. The first part of these books was delivered to the library of Baikal State University from the Cosulate on the day of the visit. It's worth mentioning, that within the framework of cultural cooperation the Korean cinema festival will be held in the Khudozhestvenny movie theater and culture and leisure center at the end of May.

"Today, after meeting with the university's administration, I realized that there is a wide range of promising areas of cooperation between Baikal State University and Korean universities", said the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Irkutsk, KIM SE WOONG.

"Nowadays Baikal State University implements cooperation in the field of academic mobility and scientific research activity with Kangwon National University. Discussions about cooperation are in progress with a number of Korean top universities", noted Mikhail P. Kuz'min. The Consul General promised to assist with extension of such contacts.

"We agreed to establish a center for Korean language and Korean studies based on Baikal State University. We also agreed to discuss questions of promotion of scientific cooperation with Korean universities: creation of own working groups, research centers, joint editorial projects", said Victor V. Ignatenko, Rector of BSU.

University television is being created at BSU now. The Korean side agreed to assist with providing of various interesting programmes in Korean history, culture, as well as to assist cooperation with Korean universities having good university TV channels.