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15 March 2021

University Alliance of the Silk Road holds international essay competition

University Alliance of the Silk Road (UASR), a member of which is Baikal State University, together with Samarkand State University and The Fund for Support of Talented Youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Ulugbek" announce the international essay competition on the topic "The hub along the Great Silk Road beetween Europe and Asia" href=

All the bachelor, specialist and master students are invited to participate in the competition.

As far as is known, The Great Silk Road connected East and West. This transcontinental connection developed not only trade between peoples, but also societal and cultural relationships.

The goal of Baikal State University and other partner universities of UASR is to promote cooperation in higher education, student exchange, gain of their educational experience, intercultural communication, development of various joint projects and research, as well as assistance in development of universities and cities located on the historical route of the Silk Road and in the modern Eurasian region.

The participants of the international essay competition are offered to choose the following topics:

  • Great Silk Road - the phenomenon of the history and culture;
  • Intercultural communication on the Great Silk Road;
  • "One belt - one road", as a center of regional and interregional communication;
  • Great Silk Road - as an indication of the non-material cultural heritage;
  • Great Silk Road - the highway of the international cultural heritage;
  • Open topic.

Pay attention to the fact that the themes of the competition concerning to the Great Silk Road must include:

  1. Great Silk Road restoration;
  2. Great Silk Road and modernity;
  3. The modern Great Silk Road;
  4. The renewed Great Silk Road;
  5. The Renaissance of the Great Silk Road.

The submitted essays will be scored by the team of international representatives from the universities of the Great Silk Road Association. The winners will be announced and awarded in May 2021.

The authors of the ten best essays will be awarded with the trip to the Jewel of the East - the city of Samarkand. The winners will also be announced in mass media, and on web pages of all universities of the association of the Great Silk Road. The winners will also recieve diplomas and certificates.