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15 January 2021

Foreign students about studying at BSU

  • Aziz Lognavi
    Aziz Lognavi, Morocco

    “I entered Baikal State University thanks to my friends’ recommendations from Morocco, who admired life in Irkutsk and in Siberia in general. They told me that there is a university in Irkutsk that provides high-quality training in Global Economy program, which always seemed especially attractive to me. Compared to universities in European Russia, Irkutsk has reasonable tuition fees, and the quality of education, as well as the organization of educational process, as it turned out, are no worse. Despite the fact that because of coronavirus pandemic, classes in this semester are held online, it is very interesting for me to study at BSU. The university has a well-developed distance learning system, with high-speed Internet access on campus and in the dormitories. It is also worth mentioning that the dormitories at BSU are very modern and they are located in the city center, not far from the main university building (10-15 minutes by public transport), that is very convenient.

    I like Irkutsk and its proximity to the World Natural Heritage site – Lake Baikal. In the summer, my friends and I went on quad bikes tour around Baikal and had a lot of positive emotions and impressions. I think I am very lucky as I live and study in such a unique and beautiful place. After the receiving of bachelor’s diploma, I dream of continuing my studies at Baikal State University, and I would also like to set up my own business in Irkutsk”.

  • Nguyen Thi Huen
    Nguyen Thi Huen, Vietnam

    “I am delighted I have been studying at Baikal State University and living in Irkutsk for the third year. My brother has lived here for seven years and has successfully completed his master’s degree. He helped me with the choice of university, was looking for a field of study that would be interesting to me now and also useful in future. So I turned my attention to the bachelor’s program – Social work, implemented by Baikal State University. I was very attracted by the possibility of receiving high-quality education abroad while being among native speakers.

    I started studying Russian at BSU from scratch, as I had not known it before. And I have not regretted of it, because the classes here are taught by highly qualified teachers who have good experience in teaching foreigners. The teachers at BSU are very kind to international students, they always support and help students in overcoming difficulties in career development, and they are even willing to take extra classes if necessary.

    I really enjoy campus life and try to participate actively in research conferences and symposia, as well as student council meetings. The BSU library, with its unique collection of over 1 billion books, helps me to prepare for seminars and conferences. Baikal State University also has its own movie theater and culture and leisure center Khudozhestvenny, which my classmates and I love to visit in our free time.

    I really want to graduate BSU with honors and continue my studies here in Master's degree program, in the city where I first saw snow”.

  • Oliver Kabus
    Oliver Kabus, Germany

    I have just completed my studies at Baikal State University under the inclusive study program. My main place of study is the University of Potsdam (Germany), where I study Political Science, Economics and Russian Studies.

    The University of Potsdam has several partner universities in Russia: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Irkutsk. From students in Potsdam who studied at BSU, I heard only good things about the university. Therefore, I decided to spend the foreign semester there.

    Unfortunately, because of political decisions related to the coronavirus, it was impossible to enter Russia. Thus, the training was carried out completely online. This, of course, is not the same as being there. However, studying online at BSU was a great experience!

    The semester was organized very well, although Baikal State University had to adapt to online learning quite quickly. In addition, it was necessary to take into account the time difference between Irkutsk and Potsdam. I really respect the lecturers at BSU! They held classes especially for students from Potsdam until late at night.

    I especially liked the hospitability of the teachers and their interest in students. We were frank and open about everything. The Russian view of international economics and international politics is very interesting. The exchange of opinions on various topics was really meaningful. I highly recommend Baikal State University to everyone who is going to study in Russia!

    My level of Russian has improved a lot this semester, and I look forward to the improvement of epidemiological situation in the world and hope to visit Irkutsk and BSU now in full-time format.

  • Fred Nguadi Ngoma
    Fred Nguadi Ngoma, Congo

    “I always wanted to try studying abroad and getting knowledge in a foreign language. So I applied to study in Russia in a field I was very interested in, namely – Forest Management. Specialists in forestry are quite in demand in Congo. Soon I was given a place to study in my chosen field at Baikal State University in Irkutsk.

    Before going to Irkutsk, I found out where this city is. As it turned out, it is located quite far from the European part of the country, and Siberian climate is very different from the climate in Congo. I didn’t have winter clothes, so I had to buy them in Irkutsk. At first, I rarely went for a walk, as I froze from the cold very quickly. Now, of course, I’ve already got used to it, I’ve got used to life in Siberia, I’ve acclimatized myself and I really like to walk along the Upper Embankment of the Angara. It is very beautiful in Irkutsk, as well as at Baikal, which, by the way, is located only 60 km away from the city.

    I really like studying at BSU. I have never regretted that I chose Forest Management as a specialty with which I want to connect my future life. As it turned out, this bachelor’s program is a synthesis of scientific, engineering, economic and management disciplines. In my spare time, I visit the Sports Complex located on the university’s campus. It’s very convenient because there is no need to waste time and money on gyms and sports clubs in the city.

    I really enjoy real-life communication. I have a good, friendly relationship with Russian students. There was never any misunderstanding with anyone. During my studies, I gradually got used to Russian cuisine. I really like pancakes and pelmeni. When I graduate and go back to Congo, I will recall Siberia, Irkutsk and, of course, Baikal State University with warm feelings.

  • Chzhan Yujczin
    Chzhan Yujczin, China

    “I started to study the basics of economics at home at Shandong University in China. Then I continued my studies at BSU under the contract between universities. My choice turned next to the Faculty of Global Economy, which I’m very happy about, because Baikal State University is one of the strongest educational institutions in Russia in the field of law, economics and management.

    I started to study the Russian language relatively recently, so I still haven’t enough language practice and sometimes there are little difficulties in my studies. However, I’m doing my best. I have to learn many new words every day. When I studied Russian at school, it was easier for me, now I need to understand professional terminology and therefore it can be difficult. My course mates willingly help me in studying, which I am very grateful for.

    I have been living in Irkutsk for almost a year. Life in China is different from life in Irkutsk. There are many people in China and most of them are wrapped up in the Internet. They are constantly sitting at computers, and here there is real-life communication. I really like to communicate. Good people living in Irkutsk are very hospitable. Here I made a lot of friends, who are not only Russians, but also guys from other countries. I also like Russian products and ethnic foods”.