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09 September 2023

Baikal State University proved its sustainable development

In the past academic year, Baikal State University proved its sustainable development. Among the universities of the country, our university took 58th place in the "Cooperation" index, which is a characteristic of international relations of the university. Last year in this position, the university ranked only 174th. Baikal State University has good indicators of employment of graduates and their demand in the labor market.

According to the largest Russian recruiting portal, the university took 29th place in the free rating of universities in Russia, leaving behind all other universities in the Irkutsk region. The rector of Baikal State University, Professor Viktor Ignatenko at the meeting of the Academic Council, where the report of the head of the university on the results of the University for the 2022-2023 Academic Year was heard, reported this.

In the ratings of the Superjob Company BSU has retained its position in the level of salaries of graduates. Among the economic universities of the country, and there are several hundred of them, BSU ranks 18th in this indicator.

According to the rector, there are financial resources for the confident development of the university. The university's income has grown by more than 12 percent. Moreover, today the university has a solid safety cushion.

Admission to secondary vocational education programs is increasing. Last year BSU College graduated more than 800 specialists. Passing scores in 2023 were higher than in the previous year. And while some universities are still recruiting for budgetary places, Baikal State University closed all budgetary places in fist admission wave.