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31 July 2023

Baikal State University helps students build their own business

Professors of the Department of Economics of Enterprises and Entrepreneurial Activity not only provide students with theoretical knowledge, but also help them to develop their own business. Many students at BSU were able to start their own businesses while still studying.

Danil comes from the village of Progress in the Amur region. He transferred to Baikal University from AMSU. Now he is engaged in the development of applications. He tried to get funds for the realization of the project from the Innovation Promotion Fund.

"We took a lot from third-party apps, inserted our own and got Shoper where people in addition to publications on their pages, can place their goods in the catalog, themselves control what they sell. It's the same app where you view content, the same short videos. The problem with marketplaces is that there is no social network element, you can't send your girlfriend a thing you like on Wildberries. You have to close the app, go to messenger and show the product there. But we want to do it all in one app," said Danil Guranov, a 3rd year student of Baikal State University, about his idea.

Andrey came to Irkutsk from Gorno-Altaisk to study. He said that when he was still in his second year of study, he and a friend started selling masks on the marketplace on the theme of the then popular TV series "Squid Game". Now he is concentrating on supporting the family business. His older sister has plans to open a lingerie atelier, his father is a talented woodworker and Andrei is inclined to open his own business.

"We will start offline for now, in my own town, where the population is only 70,000, but that is enough for a startup. I can take capital from my sister's results, because her production is aimed at sales throughout Russia. Perhaps we will use the same marketplaces, for example, for distribution. Huge plans" - said a 3rd year student Andrei Meshkinov.

The major "Economics of enterprise and entrepreneurial activity" exists in Baikal State University since 1992, during this time more than one thousand graduates have studied there and succeeded in business and economy of the region.

Baikal State University decided to systematize project student activities. The Center for Support of Student Strategic Entrepreneurial Initiatives is working. According to Oleg Yushkov, a Senior Professor at the Department of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, students themselves should want to engage in entrepreneurial activity. They have a question of how to do it more rationally, how to generate ideas, how to realize them in a business model, how to transform the business model into a strategic plan, where and on what terms they can get funding. The center helps address these questions.

"We are not trying to become an entrepreneurial university, we look from the point of view of providing employment and improving the social performance of our graduates. We give them a real alternative in the form of an opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs and work for themselves" - said Oleg Yushkov.