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08 November 2022

About 200 foreigners from 26 countries have chosen to study at BSU

The admission process 2022 on higher education for foreign students have just ended. This year Baikal State University opened its doors to 200 foreigners from 26 countries. Students will study at different levels of training: from preparatory courses to Postgraduate study.

Recruitment rate for international students exceeded the value of 2021 by more than 60 people. It is important to note, that the number of foreign students will increase, as admission process of the preparatory course is opened throughout the academic year.

A lot of students from the People’s Republic of China entered our university. Baikal State University has long-term learning experience for foreign students, large part of which are from China. Restrictions related to Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) was removed this year and partner universities responded more actively. Chinese students had an opportunity to enter Russia, so many of them have come here.

Mikhail Kuzmin, Vice-Rector for International Relations, said: “Students from Vietnam and Mongolia took an interest in studying at BSU this year. The number of students from Morocco doubled, now there are 17 of them. It is the largest group of Moroccan students in Irkutsk. BSU also have a lot of students from different countries of the African continent, such as Congo, DRC, Guinea, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria and Egypt. Starting this year, our multinational group will include students from Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of South Africa and Niger.

It should be mentioned, that foreign students had entered BSU on scholarships provided by the Russian Government for education of foreign citizens. Every year Baikal State University participate in selection of these students. It is truly satisfying that Foreign students from distant countries decide to study in our BSU. It speaks of high reputation and high-quality education.”

According to Elena Tikhonova, Head of International Relations Department of BSU, the number of students from South America (Ecuador and Colombia) has also increased. They study for Master’s degree, Postgraduate degree and some of them study at the preparatory faculty.

It is important to note, that modern methods of teaching Russian language are successfully used at BSU, and effective programs to adapt foreign students to live and study in Russia are implemented here, as well as programs to attract them to a variety of leisure activities.

If we talk about foreign students from neighboring countries, such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc., many of them got budget places and decided to continue their studies at BSU on Master’s programs.

“The admission process for foreign students in 2022 was successful, the number of students and their quality indicators has increased,” Mikhail Kuzmin, Vice-Rector for International Relations, noted.