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01 November 2022

Workout with the Champion

Famous Irkutsk boxer, judge of the international boxing category Valery Agafonov conducted a master class for students in the gym of the College of Baikal University. The meeting was held as part of the All-Russian campaign "Workout with the champion". Its importance is well understood by both future and defending champions.

Valery Agafonov, international master of sports in boxing, says: "This is an attraction to a healthy lifestyle. I believe that the generation that has experience should communicate with the generation that wants to adopt this experience. So that connections are not interrupted, and there is communication of different ages."

The meeting was organized by the management of the College, employees of the Department for Work with Students and teachers of the Department of Legal Support of National Security of the Baikal University. Young athletes highly appreciated the level of the event.

Alina Novikova, 1st year student of BSU College: "It was very interesting, because we expected some kind of light warm-up, but it turned out to be a full-fledged interesting training. I really enjoyed it."

A little warm–up, and then all grown-up. Valery Nikolaevich introduced the guys to the basics of boxing art. This is a classic guard, basic blows, movements, turning asides, ducks and general physical training. Thanks to participation in such actions and many other events, the College of Baikal University is popular with applicants, including due to the intense sports component of the educational process.

Elizaveta Akatkina, first-year student, said: I entered this College because I was told it’s great, the best in Irkutsk. Today we had an interesting workout with Valery Agafonov, I did like it. After workout, Valery Agafonov invited students to take part in the final tournament of the National League of Student Boxing. Although, perhaps, after such a lesson, some of them will come to the boxing section to connect their lives with sports.