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04 October 2022

Freshman s Day was held at Baikal State University

The largest event in September – the First-Year Student's Day took place today at Baikal State University. Freshmen of all BSU institutes and its International Faculty gathered in the courtyard of the university. All the directors of the Institutes and the university management turned towards the people. The teachers congratulated the first-year students on entering the university. In their speeches, they talked about the opportunities of studying at Baikal State University, wished everyone success, health and well-being. The organizers of the event tried to make it leave a pleasant impression and will be long remembered by everyone for a long time. Even nature supported today's holiday, and pleased with the warm weather.

Dance groups and musical ensembles made a pleasant impression on the participants of the celebration. Freshmen supported their performances with loud applause. An exciting lottery was held for the newly minted students, and the prizes were memorabilia with the emblems of BSU and the delicious pizza.

A surprise was prepared for the first-year students during the holiday - at the culmination of the event, people in teddy bear costumes appeared, who supported the joyful atmosphere.

"For first-year students, this holiday is an incredibly important event, thanks to which adaptation to new academic walls and new people will take place much faster. Look around, these are your best friends for life, because studying is not the main thing, the main thing is your youth, your prospects, your career – and you will get all this here at Baikal State University, which opened its doors for you today," Vyacheslav Bubnov, the first vice–rector of the University, addressed the students.