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BSU master studies – the course for a successful tomorrow

It is highly recommended to shape your tomorrow today, in terms of growth and demand as a specialist. We recommend paying attention to the English master degree programs of Baikal State University in the field of Management and Finance – INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, BANKING AND FINANCE. Mikhail Kuz’min, Vice-Rector for International Relations, provided all data you would like to know on these programs.

– Mikhail Petrovich, you have been holding the position of the Vice-Rector for two years. You have two higher degrees. You speak English fluently. You worked in Hong-Kong. You are only 32 years old! The young ambitious people could follow you as a role model. What makes BSU English Master Programs special?

Our international programs allow students to gain knowledge and skills needed for successful management career development worldwide and in a wide range of fields – from banking and finance to industrial and Hi-Tech. Our graduates can continue their PhD education in foreign and Russian universities as well.

– In your opinion, what are the advantages of English-language program in Russia in comparison with abroad?

– Firstly, for young people, including foreigners, studying at a Russian university is more attractive in financial terms: tuition fees are cheaper and allow you to save on transportation costs and accommodation fees. Secondly, a trip abroad implies staying detached from family, friends, as well as possible difficulties in juggling work and study. In addition, BSU English Master Programs involve multicultural environment, foreign internship and double degree diploma.

– What is the novelty of these programs for the Russian educational environment?

– We engage the best specialists in their fields. Almost all of them have experience teaching abroad, have participated in the implementation of international projects and are familiar with advanced performance. It is important to emphasize that the programs have an individual approach to students. With the support of teachers, each graduate student has the opportunity to carry out their own study or develop and implement their own project. Furthermore, it is important to mention that only authentic textbooks are used in the English-language programs.

One of your students, who is already studying for a master's degree, said: "I want to be high-powered world-class businessman." How do programs promote students' confidence in success?

– Our programs form a system of leadership, managerial and analytical competencies for students for their further effective activities in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. In addition, academic collaboration allows students to develop much needed international interaction skills. The format of classes itself includes both lectures and master classes, discourses, team projects - and all this in English.

- What is the target audience of INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT program?

It is a well-known fact that a qualified manager is the basis of a successful enterprise in any sphere, from trade to the public sector. The INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT program is suitable for everyone with a bachelor's or specialist's degree, as well as those who see themselves as a leader capable to develop an enterprise both in the Russian and International market.

– What about the BANKING AND FINANCE program?

– It is designed for those who already have an economic education experience. I would like to note that the program might allow future masters to study in Austria and receive graduate with two degrees from the Vienna University of Applied Sciences.

Whichever English-language program a young person chooses, the training will provide an opportunity to organize their knowledge, build links between management theory and practice, as well as enhance professional skills in English.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact BSU. The admission campaign has been launched!