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16 June 2022

Three BSU students are studying at the University of International Business and Economics (Beijing)

Three third-year students of the International Faculty studying under the Bachelor's degree program "World Economy. Double graduation" Ekaterina Stepanova, Polina Ostapchuk and Maria Shunova continued their studies at the University of International Business and Economics (Beijing). Due to the pandemic, training in dual degree programs was almost stopped. However, the BSU students were not discouraged. They monitored the situation and as soon as air traffic with China was opened, they wrote a letter to the Chinese Embassy and were included in the main list.

"The International Department of Baikal State University promptly prepared all the documents and the Chinese university sent an invitation to our students. All this happened when the tickets were practically on the girls' hands. Our students had to sit in quarantine for almost a month. First in Khabarovsk, then in Harbin and then in Beijing itself," said Anna Litovkina, Dean of the International Faculty of BSU.

Irkutsk students are just happy. They are already settled in the dormitory of a Chinese university and even managed to go on several excursions. They will study in Beijing for two years. The last semester will be spent in the walls of their native university, in Irkutsk. They will complete an internship at BSU and write a thesis on the world economy. Then they will write an abstract, translate it into Chinese and defend it in China.