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15 October 2021

BSU at the meeting with EU Ambassadors

Baikal State University took part in a meeting with the delegation of EU Ambassadors who visited the Irkutsk region on October 15. The meeting was attended by representatives of Irkutsk universities' administration and Irkutsk students.

A.P. Khomenko delivered welcoming remarks on behalf of the Council of Rectors of the Irkutsk region, noting that one of the important directions of Russian higher education is integration into the international educational space, effective development of international cooperation areas such as academic mobility, joint educational programs and international schools, attraction of European scientists and professors to Irkutsk universities.

Baikal State University was represented by Mikhail P. Kuz'min, Vice-Rector for International relations, as well as students of English programs "International Management", "Banking and Finance" and "Global Economy". During the meeting students of BSU actively asked questions about the difficulties that Russian students might face studying in the EU countries, about opportunities to continue their studies and build careers in Europe, as well as about the ways of improvement of non-technical studies in philosophy, politics and economics in Russia.

Markus Ederer, EU Ambassador to Russia, underlined that representatives of EU states specifically requested the meeting with teaching staff and students of Irkutsk universities, arguing that Russian students constitute the largest group of Erasmus+ programme participants, highly promoted by Europe in order to publicize European education, as well as to establish partnerships and friendly relations with other countries of the world.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the European delegation noted that this meeting had given a good start to further development of cooperation between the EU universities and the Irkutsk region.