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Russian students returned from language internship at Shenyang Polytechnic University

Recently, the students of the International Department returned from their summer language internship, which took place in Shenyang Polytechnic University

We asked them some questions and asked them to share their experience!

What did they tell us about their experiences?

*What impressions did you have of Shenyang Polytechnic University?
-Shenyang Polytechnic University left a good impression on me. I was inspired and motivated to continue studying Chinese. In addition to the study and internship program, the university surprised me with its enormity. Looking at the pictures and being on the campus of this university are two completely different experiences. - says Ulyana
*Did you have sufficient skill and knowledge of Chinese language, especially in communicating with Chinese citizens?
- Thanks to the teachers of BSU ID, we had enough basic skills to have a quick chat with Chinese people.
*Which emotions and feelings did China and living in the language environment for some time arouse in you?
- China is a country with rich culture, history and unique atmosphere. Undoubtedly, new memories have been formed and the experience of living abroad has its own worth. I feel way more confident in my communication and language skills," Irina said.
*Would you like to come back?)
- Of course! We are counting the days to the next trip!
*What kind of advice can you give to freshmen and those who are just going to visit China?
- I can recommend to recheck your first aid kit again and put more in it. Also check the weather in the city you're going to be in. And leave some extra room in your suitcase for new stuff (Even if you don't have any shopping in your plans. Trust me, it's better to leave some). - Ulyana's reply
- The main thing is not to be afraid and not to close in yourself, especially if you don't understand something or can't say something. The internship is a good opportunity to meet new people, dive into the culture of the country and get a lot of vivid memories.

They also shared with us video and photo materials from the internship, Watch!